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This programme combines 3 Days of workshop-based training with 4-weeks of work-based skills practice. 


Participants learn 5 Essential Leadership Skills to develop their relationship management skills and their professional communication skills. They also learn to apply the LEDA 5-Step Problem-Solving Process using the powerful LEDA Next Level App.


  • Title: Essential Leadership Skills for Managers

  • Type: In-House Programme

  • Duration: 4 Weeks

  • Programme Structure: 3 Days Face-to-Face Workshops + 4 Weeks Work-Based Practice 

  • Course Fees: RM4,950 per pax (special group discounts apply)

  • Minimum Group Size: 12 pax


Our transformational programme will give your managers world-class leadership skills.


This is a highly practical course where all participants ‘learn by doing’. Each session has a clear focus that will equip managers with the Mindset and Skillset to lead teams and take performance and productivity to the next level.

The programme will equip managers, (at all levels), with the following essential managerial skills: 

  1. Professional Communication Skills for managers

  2. Relationship Management Skills to build trust and engage team members to reach their full potential 

  3. Leadership Skills to nurture a highly-motivated  and loyal workforce

  4. Achieving KPIs - focus, prioritisation & implementation

  5. Managing Meetings - the professional skillset to run efficient and productive meetings

  6. Lean Management - Continuous Improvement Mindset & Skillset

  7. Process enhancement - how to reduce waste, increase revenue and increase efficiency 

  8. Team Coaching Facilitation Skills

  9. Strategic Thinking

  10. Negotiation & Influencing Skills


  • Day 1 covers the 5 Essential Leadership Skills needed by managers and the LEDA 5-Step Problem-Solving Process.

  • There is a 2-week interval between Day 1 workshop and Day 2 workshop.
    During this period we set practical work-based challenges through our LEDA Next Level App. Through this process of daily skills practise we guide managers to embed the learning from the first day of the programme.

  • After Day 2 there is another 2-weeks of work-based practice that is also guided through the LEDA Next Level App.

  • This means that by the Day 3 workshop, your managers will have already completed 4-weeks of work-based leadership skills practice. 

  • Day 3 is the final day of the programme and it includes practical sessions where participants can showcase their new skills and also make practical action plans to continue to the solution-focused, professional leadership style they will have learned during the course.

  • The course ends with the presentation of framed certificates for this British-Certified Leadership Development programme.

Course Ratings & Reviews

We are very proud of the consistently high feedback scores we achieve and the way this programme positively impacts companies and their managers.

Food Panda - Delivery Hero SSC 

Verified Programme Feedback - 27th June 2023
Essential Leadership Skills for Managers
Driving Performance & Productivity


Food Panda -DH SSC Malaysia Sdn.Bhd

Target Group:

Team Leaders: Riders, Partners, Customers & Finance

What were the main benefits of the programme for you?

1.    As a new people leader, this course gave me some guidance on how to coach and manage efficiently
2.    What I've learned can easily transfer into my daily task
3.    Practical sessions where we could practice the skills that we learned
4.    5 ways coaching wheel and strategic training "S1 + S2"
5.    Expose me the new knowledge

Our Clients Say

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 12.38.54 (11).jpeg
“Like the live interactive session, I could immediately apply what we have just learnt”

“The framework & content are easy to understand & remember. Recap session every time before the session starts - helpful”

“Everyone is given the opportunity to explore a test live environment experiment.”




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