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High Performing Task Force

Build A Task Force Team 
That Enhances Cross Functional Collaboration

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Mid-level and senior leaders 



            Onsite Instructor-led

            Virtual instructor-led

Cross Functional Focus Enhancement introduces a team coaching task force programme which is most powerful when it focuses on priority issues that teams are task with and provides them with the LEDA approach to solution-focused coaching. Our internationally experienced coaches are experts in facilitating sessions that align organisational, group and individual goals. 


Course Summary

Creating Alignment

Introducing the LEDA team coaching programme which is context driven. This means that the exact subject areas covered during the programme depend on the issues, challenges and objectives of the company and each task force.

Establish what success will look like for the organisation by end of the programme.

Fine-tune weekly themes for the coaching sessions to ensure all participants are aligned with objectives and key values of the company.

Key Objectives 

1. To promote a proactive approach to solution-focus thinking in each participant within each task force regarding their respective areas of focus.

2. To provide a forum to share experiences, connect with peers and learn through gaining awareness of the different perspectives of peers.

3. To develop practical weekly action plans designed to contribute to measurable improvements in each team's performance within their area of focus

Behavioral Competencies

  • Being resilient

  • Demonstratesself-awareness

  • Manages ambiguity

  • Nimble learning

  • Self-development

  • Situational adaptability 

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Task Force Model 1 to enhance cross functional collaboration

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